OPI Stay the Night

Having lusted over this on other nail bloggers recent posts, I decided to treat myself. It’s part of the OPI new Liquid Sand collection (part of the Mariah Carey range), though I have to confess I’m not so sure on the textured nails look yet. What convinced me to buy was the gorgeous colour combination and the way it looks with top coat (yes, I know you shouldn’t use top coat with it really!).

Here it is with two coats over base coats (no top coat):

OPI Stay the Night

OPI Stay the Night (1 base coat, 2 coats of Stay the Night)

Not bad, but look at the gorgeousness once you apply a few layers of top coat:

OPI Stay The Night with top coat

OPI Stay The Night with top coat

So shiny! So sparkly! You may have noticed I said a *few* layers of top coat. I found it took 4 layers before it went properly smooth, though these were relatively thin layers (using Boots No7 Stay Perfect top coat which dries really quickly).

When wet, the polish is relatively smooth so it applies pretty easily, though I found the second coat more tricky to apply than the first owing to the texture on the nail from the first. As you can hopefully see from the photos it dries to a black with a deep red glitter (and black ‘sand’ like texture without top coat).

I got mine from Amazon for just under £9 (incl. p&p) and I’ve seen it for a similar price on Ebay. You can also buy it from the OPI UK distributor and they also have a sample pack of all 4 liquid sand shades for £13.95.

I’m really happy with this colour – it’s sort of vampy bit with a bit of sparkle too. Let’s just hope it has staying power!


5 thoughts on “OPI Stay the Night

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  2. Lovely colour! How do you get your nail bed and cuticles so even? Mine are dreadfully uneven when i paint my nails?!

    • Thanks Cara 🙂

      This nail varnish is actually really good for neat application – I love OPI for that. Some I’m really messy with but I’m finding that I’m getting better with practice. I have however discovered that most nail bloggers do “clean up” before taking their photos – I’m glad as I thought they were just incredibly neat at it! I’ve now bought some acetone (cheap from chemist!) and a small concealer brush (cheap from Ebay!) to help clear any mistakes (though so far I haven’t used it). I used to try to cover the whole nail so always did a bit too much over the cuticle, but now I try to leave a little gap between the cuticle and the nail and I find that helps avoid flooding the cuticle with loads of nail polish. Hope that helps 🙂

      • I had a shellac manicure today. It’s meant to last 2-3 weeks without chipping. Sounds too good to be true, but we’ll see…

      • I’ve had a shellac manicure before and it did last roughly that long, however I got sick of it way before then! I didn’t like the way my nails looked or felt as they started to grow out – I had a french manicure and it was really thick so as it grew out there was a really big bump between my natural nail and the shellac. Hope you have more luck and enjoy it for another 2-3 weeks 🙂

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