Allergies, stupid allergies

For a few years now I’ve been occasionally getting a rash and dry skin around my nose, mouth, and eyes. Just when it gets to the stage that I’m going to do something about it (i.e. go to doctor, get allergy tested), it seems to stop. I thought I’d tied it down to a moisturiser, though the moisturiser was supposed to be hypoallergenic and I continued to get the reaction once I’d stopped using it. I have coeliac disease so wondered if it was linked to that as some get these type of symptoms, though it didn’t tie in with other symptoms and I was pretty sure I couldn’t have eaten any gluten (which is what triggers a reaction for coeliacs).

The most recent time it happened I joked with a friend that the only thing I thought it could have been was my nail polish as I’d recently painted my nails. Then I discovered nail blogs, many of which refer to “three free” polishes. What’s that all about I thought? So I did some research and lo and behold, it turns out my allergy could well be to nail polish. I don’t know the details and this blog post from Goddess Huntress explains it far better than I could, but essentially some nail polishes have chemicals in that can cause a reaction. Many manufacturers no longer use these (they sometimes say on the bottle ‘three free’ or ‘five free’), but some do. Models Own is one who isn’t ‘three free’, and I think it’s a Models Own polish that causes my reaction.

On the one hand, this is brilliant as I think I may have finally cracked the cause of my allergy, but on the other hand this now means I’m restricted in which nail polishes I can use, and some of my favourites I will have to get rid of. This makes me very sad.

I’m particular gutted about the Models Own Mystic Mauve (see below), a glittery pink/purple, so if anyone knows any similar polishes which are three free please let me know.

Models Own Mystic Mauve

Models Own Mystic Mauve

Now I’ve got to sort through my polishes to work out which ones have to go 😦


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