Barry M Pink Silver Glitter

Subscribing to nail polish blogs is an expensive habit – I keep finding out about so many polishes I want!

I’m going through a phase of loving deep purples and reds, but they’re not always appropriate for work, so I needed a more subtle polish that I still really liked. I spotted Barry M Pink Silver Glitter on another nail blog, did some Google image searches, and decided to give it a go. I’d not tried Barry M polishes before but heard only good things about them and they’re a good price (around £3-4 usually). When I went, Superdrug had an offer on so I did pick up a purple shade at the same time, I couldn’t resist!

Pink Silver Glitter has the Ronseal effect (it does what it says on the tin!) – it’s a glitter polish with some pink and some silver. The overall effect is more silver than pink, but in bright daylight you can see the pink more clearly. This is three coats (I think, it may have been two) plus top coat which makes it a bit smoother. Application was good, the brush is a nice size and it dries relatively quickly but no so quickly that it drags.




I’ve recently been on a course which had a dress code (unusual for me) so decided subtle would be best. I applied it on Saturday, and added another coat plus top coat again on Monday to cover a few minor chips/dents. It did last until Wednesday, but I grew really fed up with it. It’s not quite pretty enough to make me smile every time I look at it, and the glitter means it is still quite noticeable. I think in future I’ll probably go for a sheer pink (I’m thinking of treating myself to OPI You Callin’ Me a Lyre?) or a French manicure.

The main frustration with this polish is removal, though having 7 coats of polish, 4 of which are glitter was definitely a factor in this. It took me over an hour to remove! I’ve been reading about peel-off base coats (or some people just use PVA glue) and have ordered one for future glitters.

I’m definitely impressed with the Barry M brand though – good price, nice shade (just not right for this situation), and easy application. I’ve already bought more and am sure I will continue to do so.


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