No7 Gel-Look Shine Nail Colour

I visited Boots earlier this week to use up my last No7 £3 make up voucher; I use No7 topcoat so tend to buy that but I sometimes get tempted by a new colour. Lo and behold, something caught my eye – a new collection! Once I had calmed down with excitement (I don’t know what has come over me since getting into nail polish, seeing a new collection almost makes me want to jump up and down in the store), I spent a good 10 minutes or so choosing which one to get. Then I looked around the store at other collections, went back to the No7 stand, picked up another, then ummed and ahhed for ages over which one to get. This is the full collection:

No7 Gel-look Shine Collection

No7 Gel-Look Shine Collection

There are 6 shades in the collection, plus a Gel-Look Shine top coat. They are each priced at £6.50. The shades are (from top to bottom in the photo excluding the top coat in the middle):

  • Summer Holiday (a vibrant pink)
  • Pink Meringue (a soft pale pink)
  • Mint Treat (a light teal)
  • Neptune (a petrol blue)
  • Deep Wine (a deep red)
  • Hotting Up (a bright red)

They promise “spectacular colour and complete coverage in one stroke” and an “outstanding and durable gel-look shine”.

In the end I managed to narrow my choice down to buy just the one, and plumped for Neptune, a dark, petrol blue (a risky strategy as my only other blue polish I ended up hating so much that I gave it away after just one day of wear despite it costing £11!). Fortunately the risk paid off…

No7 Gel-Look Shine Nail Polish in Neptune

No7 Gel-Look Shine Nail Polish in Neptune

Isn’t it lovely? Amazingly, this is just one coat of the polish over (clear) base coat with no top coat. The polish is quite thick and although it seemed odd for me to just use one coat, it really didn’t need another. The coverage is great, and just look at the shine!

It really is Gel-Look Shine

It really is Gel-Look Shine (one coat, no topcoat!)

The brush is tapered and makes it easy to apply relatively neatly – I hardly needed any clean up. As mentioned before, No7 is my go-to topcoat and these polishes have the same applicator brush. Even though it was quite a thick polish, it didn’t take too long to dry and I haven’t knocked or dented it (I tend to find this problem when I’ve applied multiple coats and not let them dry for long but seeing as this was just one coat it didn’t suffer that problem).

I decided to stick with just the one coat, but nowadays I just can’t not use topcoat (unless it’s a textured polish). I decided to add my normal topcoat – I could have bought the Gel-Look Shine topcoat but my regular No7 one has decent shine anyway. Here it is later last night under direct light (with topcoat).

Under direct light (with topcoat)

Under direct light (with topcoat)

And here it is this morning in daylight to get a more accurate swatch of the shade in daylight. It’s a very dark petrol blue-green, and I quite like it. I’m certainly not itching to remove it like I was with my previous blue polish (I’ll maybe blog about that disaster one day!).

In daylight (with topcoat)

In daylight (with topcoat)

I’m really happy with this polish – the formula is amazing, the application is excellent, and it definitely lives up to the claims in terms of coverage and shine. The other colours in the current collection aren’t really my kind of thing, though I may get Deep Wine as I was very tempted by that one. I really hope No7 expand the range in future as I’d love to get more – they’re great for speedy manicures as you really do only need one coat and can get away without topcoat.

I can’t find any information about this collection on the Boots website, so it looks like for now you’ll have to check it out in stores (I visited my store on Thursday and they said it had launched the previous day so it has only been available for a few days). Definitely recommend checking it out though; limited shades so far but really excellent polish I think.


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