Revlon Colorstay Intrigue

After a disastrous experience with a blue polish (Orly High on Hope) which seemed to look stunning on everyone but me, I’ve been a little wary of blue polishes. However, Boots currently have a 2 for £10 offer on Revlon so I got some base coat (Colorstay Gel-Smooth Base Coat), and a blue polish, Colorstay Intrigue.

Intrigue stood out to me, I guess you could say it got me intrigued! It’s a light blue shade with tiny bits of silver and blue shimmer in. The photos are two coats of Intrigue over the Revlon Gel-Smooth Base Coat with a top coat of No7 Stay Perfect top coat.


Isn’t it pretty? I love the Revlon brushes – they’re quite thick and curved which really helps make application easy. This is almost a one coater, but the second coat helps enriched the colour and coverage. What I also love is the formula – it’s really smooth to apply and has that perfect mix between not being so quick drying that it drags on the nail if you go over it whilst applying, but quick enough to make it a nice quick manicure without too much worrying over ruining the finish.


It self-levels really well too, and you don’t really need top coat for the finish but I like to use it to protect the colour and help it last longer. I was impressed with the base coat too, and am sure that helped smooth the finish and help it last well.


I think this polish will go really well with denim, and it’s definitely removed my fear of blue nail polishes. My partner commented on the fact that it looks contemporary and I have to agree – it’s something a bit different but a colour I think I can wear without feeling self-conscious or trying to be too cool.

Some bloggers have commented on the smell of this polish. It does have quite a distinctive smell which seems to last on the nail, but I quite like it.

Before I removed the polish, I thought I’d try it out with some China Glaze Fairy Dust top coat, hmmm….


I then added a matt top coat…


I *love* this look, it seems to really complement the shimmer in the nail polish. I’d wear this again with the Fairy Dust and matt top coat together, or with my regular top coat as in the first three images.

I really like the Revlon Colorstay range, and it’s three free too so another bonus. I think I’ll be getting more when they’re on offer. Have you tried the Revlon Colorstay range? What do you think?


3 thoughts on “Revlon Colorstay Intrigue

    • Hmm, it’s definitely a blue. I think the photos are fairly accurate – on my screen the colour looks blue. Maybe the silver shimmer means you can see elements of grey in there.

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