Christmas manicures

I’ve been following lots of nail blogs with interest this year, and although I love those with swatches the ones with nail art have got me intrigued. I think for most of the year I would prefer my nails to all be one colour (though I am liking stamping but that’s another post), but for Christmas I decided to spend a bit of time trialling out some different looks.

First, I tried some nail art over Essie’s Toggle to the Top. I’d been wearing the red glitter for a couple of days but before removing it thought I’d tried some nail art on top. I followed a tutorial by Nuthin’ But a Nail Thing and look, Santa!

Santa nails

Santa nails

For this I used Essie Toggle to the Top as the base (the hat), Sinful Colors Snow Me White for the beard, sideburns, hat brim and whites of the eyes, Sinful Colors Black on Black for the pupils, OPI That’s Berry Daring for the nose, and OPI You Callin’ Me A Lyre? for the face. I didn’t have a cream pink for the face, but I have since bought one for if I try faces again. I used dotting tools to help with precision with the eyes and the brim of the hat. I only tried this on my right hand (I’m left-handed) and only kept it on for a few hours, but I was really pleased with my first attempt at nail art.

Next I wanted something I could wear for a day out (i.e. something I could do on both hands!), so I turned to some stamping in colours I’d wanted to try for this time of year.

Snowflake stamping

Snowflake stamping

This is Barry M foil in silver over Revlon Colorstay Intrigue using the Bundle Monster Holiday stamp (BM-H02). I liked this look and it seemed to last fairly well too (though these days I rarely keep my manicure the same for more than a couple of days, if that!).

The next look I tried was a penguin on snowflakes (apologies for the poor lighting, I took this photo one evening).

Penguin on snowflakes

Penguin on snowflakes

The background is Nails Inc Covent Garden Ballet with OPI Pirouette My Whistle for the glitter and snowflakes (I’m not sure it’s clear that this is what it is, but I like it anyway and received compliments when I just had the grey and glitter). The penguin is another Nuthin’ But a Nail Thing tutorial which I did with Sinful Colors Snow Me White, Sinful Colors Black on Black, and Barry M Gelly in Mango. I tried this on both my left and right hand, and my right was definitely better – I think it will take some practice to do it with my right hand! I wore this for a weekend away and received lots of compliments about it.

The next manicure I wore was the one I wore for Christmas Day and Boxing Day – Christmas Tree nails:

Christmas Tree nails

Christmas Tree nails

These took quite a while to do as a number of different stages, but they lasted really well – I wore them for 4 days! The base is Different Dimension Wide Awake. Then I used Sellotape to mark out the triangle for the tree and painted the tree in Revlon Colorstay in Rain Forest. The baubles were then added using a dotting tool with Barry M Foil in Gold and Nails Inc Luminous Red. I then stuck the gold stars using top coat and tweezers, and then sealed them in with a further coat of top coat.

The final Christmas look I did was to try out stripes.

Festive stripes

Festive stripes

I first used two coats of Zoya Blaze (the red holo), then sellotaped part of the nail off and did the gold in Barry M Foil. Then sellotaped that off to do the final green section in Revlon Colorstay Rain Forest. I used top coat after each colour to try to protect it from being removed by the sellotape, and waited for it to be completely dry between each stage. For this reason it took ages to do this even though it looks so simple. Also I had 8 coats of polish by the end and the multiple coats of base coat seemed to make it shrink so the tips showed after a while. I quite liked this effect but I got fed up after a day, it just wasn’t quite right. It’s been suggested that the green at the base and red at the tip may work better. I think I need more practice and better techniques for striping! 

So they were my festive manicures, which is your favourite? What have you been wearing on your nails over Christmas? Any recommendations for things I should try next year?


2 thoughts on “Christmas manicures

    • Thanks so much Claire, and thanks for your tutorials, really easy to follow. As a total newbie to nail art I didn’t even think they’d be recognisable as Santa or a penguin but I loved them!

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