No one is more surprised than I am by the arrival of this blog. If you’d known me as a child (actually, up until the age of about 21), you’d know me as a tomboy. Always dressed in sports gear (in my defence, I trained for gymnastics 4 times a week, honest), with my hair pulled back in a ponytail, and definitely no make up. However, during my twenties I seem to have developed a number of girly traits, and I’ve discovered I actually quite like them.

Nail varnish is one such thing, and I’ve been following some nail bloggers for a while. I love looking at their photos, and trying to paint my own nails without getting varnish all over my hands. They’ve inspired me to buy colours I previously wouldn’t have considered, and I’ve been surprised by the ones I actually like. Some I like in the bottle but not on the nail, some vice versa. So I thought I ought to start keeping photos of my nail varnishes to remind me what they look like on. And what better way to do that but via a blog. I’ve been blogging for a number of years for a number of different purposes and really enjoy it. I blog about my professional development, my crafts, and living with coeliac disease. You’ll also find me on Twitter where I talk about any and all the above, plus work activities and occasional chat about dresses and cocktails.

This blog is mainly for my own recording purposes, but if you stumble across it and would like to receive updates, please do subscribe using the links in the sidebar and feel free to comment on any of my posts or contact me. Welcome to Joeyanne Nails 🙂


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